roofing tile tite

You DO NOT have to invest in expensive equipment

You CAN use the same equipment you already have

You CAN use the same installers who are already expert at laying tile with mortar

Same coverage in a 40lb. bag as you get in 120lbs. of sand mix.

With Tile-Tite™ you can apply mortar and set tile in compliance with Miami-Dade County Code approval. With Tile-Tite™ you can do it better and easier than ever be- fore because Tile-Tite™ gives you numerous advantages over using other premixed sanded mortars.

Tile-Tite™ 40lb. bags are 50% lighter than other mortars which means less wear and tear on you and your installers!

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Tile-TIte is a superior, stronger, lighter weight product versus standard sanded mortar mixes. One 40lb. bag of Tile-Tite delivers approximately as much volume as one 80lbs.+ bag of sand mix.

  • Weighs less than other mortars when Dry, Wet, or Set
  • Reduced weight is more “applicator-friendly”
  • Same coverage in a 40lb. bag as 80lbs.+ of sanded mix
040000 Tile-Tite
40 lb. – 56/pallet

040001 Tile-Tite
40 lb. – 56/pallet


MaxiPoint™ is a pre mixed ready to use flexible pointing compound, that provides a non-cracking, fade resistant alternative to sand cement and oxide pointing work.

  • Fade resistant and flexible
  • Pre-colored means no onsite mixing
  • Quick drying, non-cracking technology

NXT Cool Coat® is a remarkable new heat reflective roof coating utilizing revolutionary Thermal Protection Technology® to reduce the temperature of your home in the summer.

  • 100% Acrylic, Low Voc’s
  • Cool Roof Rating Council Rated
  • Superior durability, algae, mildew and ultraviolet resistance guaranteed
  • Works on terracotta tile, concrete tile, asphalt tile, metal roofs

Non-Acid Efflorescence & Oxide Residue Remover is a cleaning solution that breaks down and emulsifies efflorescence and oxide residue form tile roofs.

  • Safe, non-acid formula
  • Removes and prevents
  • Ideal for concrete tile roofs